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Contact Details

To Do

Actively Maintained

In Progress

  • /Package Management - A guide to how to manage packages on Gentoo, from a "Install package", "uninstall package", "find out which files belong to package" pov. Reference other articles where possible.
    • As a variant on this, a guide to /Eix (rewrite Eix) based around the same idea. Submit as an official doc.
  • /Handbook Profiles - Rewrite of the profile selection section of the handbook to use eselect profile.
  • /Handbook Autobuilds - Rewrite of the handbooks for autobuilds and related release media changes.



  • /Redmine - Installing and configuring Redmine project manager.

Project Ideas

  • Upgrading Old Systems
  • Gather resources for (regional) meetups and expos
  • Script to list new package requests and mark whether they have ebuilds pending or not (from Bugzilla)
  • Page listing feature / enhancement suggestions from Bugzilla
  • Scripts to list bugs / packages which are "maintainer-wanted" or "maintainer needed"
  • Utility for "cleaning up" the world set - ban certain categories such as *-libs and suggest the removal of anything that's a dependency of something already in the world file. Would have a white-/black-list system so that it wouldn't keep asking about the same packages. Interactive (asks about each package in turn)?
  • Propose a formal structure for Gentoo VCS contents - based on projects structure, making code easier to find
  • Vague idea: Some sort of focus group (of developers / contributors) for improving gentoo development. A "project" that provides a formal place for discussion and advancement / advocation of both technical and non-technical changes to the way development and developers work.
  • /Gpkg - A Gentoo downloadable package format
  • Look at implementing a syntax highlighter on wiki code blocks.


  • /PHP 5.3 - Random notes while I work on PHP 5.3.1 packages




Old Mirrors / Caches

Deletion Nomination Dates

This list is for personal reference only. It helps me keep track of how long articles have been nominated for. I will not delete articles less than 1 month after nomination without good reason.


Importing / Writing articles and new conventions

Thanks for your work on the new wiki. However, please make sure you read the new page naming conventions and style guide in the Help section (under 'Support' in the navigation).

All articles need to be written using the correct wiki style - see the Templates section (under 'Development') for a list of the templates on the new wiki. Select any of the templates to view documentation on using that template.

Articles which are not rewritten to an acceptable standard will be deleted after 2 weeks. (Here "acceptable standard" means the article looks something like a proper wiki article and not something that has simply been copied and pasted from elsewhere. It doesn't need to be perfect).

Please also check the indexes to see that the article doesn't already exist under a new name.

When importing articles, please check before as these pages will be more up-to-date.

GMN Items

Administration Policies

The following are my personal admin policies for the wiki. They are currently guidelines only.

Deletion of Articles

Unless an article is obviously spam or vandalism of some description, it will first be nominate for deletion. Nominated articles will be reviewed at no less than 1 month from the date of nomination. If the reasons for nomination have been fixed, the nomination will be removed and the article kept. If the reasons for nomination have not been fixed, and there has been no significant effort towards fixing the article, then it will be deleted.

Under Development Articles

Articles that are marked as under development for more than 2 months with no significant work will be reviewed. If the article is worth keeping, the Under Development status will be removed and the article will remain. If the article is deemed not worth keeping, the Under Development status will be kept and the article will be nominated for deletion. Normal deletion rules then apply.