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This is the template sandbox. In order to try out all of your ideas for templates, you can use subpages of this page. For example, if you wanted to try making a template named "Awesome", you would make the page Template:Sandbox/Awesome. You could then test it out by writing {{Template:Sandbox/Awesome}} right here. This is a nice safe way to try out new templates, without affecting the rest of the wiki.

If you think you've made an excellent template that should be able to be used all over the wiki, send an email to the user mailing list, proposing why it is useful. For details, see: Mailing Lists.

Mailing Lists have been Taken Offline

We have decided to remove the mailing lists. They were not used as often as we'd like and have since freed up resources. Please contact us via IRC or e-mail. Mailing Lists