Phytec phyCORE-iMX35

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Build Linux for Phytec phyCore-i.MX35

Phytec phyCore-i.MX35

The Phytec phyCORE-i.MX35 consists of a system on module which is plugged into a carrier board. The CPU on the system on module is a Freescale i.MX35x with an ARM-11 core. Phytec provides a Linux Board Support Package.

Phytec Linux BSP: Install and cross-compile the Linux BSP from Phytec on a Gentoo host. For cross-compilation the tool ptxdist from Pengutronix is used.

Gentoo Linux: Cross-compile a Linux kernel and the root file system using the Gentoo portage tree and the embedded-cross overlay. For cross-compilation the tool emerge from Gentoo is used.

Openembedded: Openembedded, a build framework for embedded Linux, is used to create the Linux kernel and different root file systems. E.g. the root file systems for OPIE, GPE and Xfce are created, which start a GUI on the display. For cross-compilation the tool bitbake from Openembedded is used.

Advanced ToolKit: Use the Advanced ToolKit to program u-boot to the flash.

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