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Network and Channel

We are on EfNet in #gentoo-wiki for Wiki chat and help.

For help on connecting to IRC, see Wikipedia's IRC Tutorial.

Acceptable behavior

Things that should be seen:

  • Be courteous. Though respect is earned, it must start somewhere. Respect someones right for their own opinion and acknowledge that they do deserve a measure of politeness in your response.
  • Give accurate information in the spirit of being helpful.
  • Respectfully disagree with or challenge other members. The operative word here is respectfully.
  • Admit the possibility of fault and respect different point of views. No-one is perfect -- you will get things wrong occasionally. Don't be afraid to admit this. Similarly, while something may seem perfectly obvious to you, others may see it differently.
  • If you screw up, take responsibility for your actions.

Unacceptable behavior

  • Flaming and trolling. What is flaming? Flaming is the act of sending or posting messages that are deliberately hostile and insulting. What is trolling? You are deemed to be trolling if you make comments intended to provoke an angry response from others.
  • Posting/participating only to incite drama or negativity rather than to tactfully share information.
  • Being judgmental, mean-spirited or insulting. It is possible to respectfully challenge someone in a way that empowers without being judgemental.
  • Constantly purveying misinformation despite repeated warnings.


  • Disciplinary action will be up to the discretion of the Ops. What are Ops? An op is an official charged with the duty of maintaining good order.
  • If disciplinary measures are taken and the affected person wishes to appeal, appeals should be addressed to the via email.
  • If you perceive a breach of the Code of Conduct guidelines, let an op know. Though they will also be watching many of the public mediums for any problems, they can not be expected to catch everything.
  • The Ops will attempt to resolve the problem by talking to involved parties, potentially issuing warnings if appropriate. If the problem repeats itself, there are various options open to the proctors, including temporary or permanent suspension of a person's ability to post to both gentoo-wiki & gentoo-portage sites, mailing lists, and IRC Channel.