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Offical Documents TOC

What is Gentoo Wiki?

Gentoo Wiki is a website that anyone can edit on the topic of Gentoo Linux. The Gentoo Wiki is user run site. It is not run by the Gentoo developers.

How do I create or edit articles?

Please see the Help:Editing article.

Can I stop people from editing my pages?

No. By definition anyone can edit a wiki. This allows articles to be kept up-to-date and corrections to be made without having to go through the original author.

Can I delete pages?

No. To prevent malicious deletion of articles, only administrators can delete them. If you think an article should be deleted, you should nominate it for deletion using Template:Delete.

Can I copy articles to

No. Articles on this wiki are licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 BY-NC-SA while is licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 BY-SA. The extra non-commercial clause in the license means you can not copy articles.

Can I add new or modify existing templates?

You can if you go through the correct process. The steps to get a new template on the wiki are:

  1. Create the template on
  2. Create a documentation page that details when and how the template should be used and provides examples
  3. Send a message to the user mailing list requesting the new template. Provide links to the pages you created on
  4. The template and its usage will be discussed. If it's decided it's a good template, it will then be implemented on the live wiki and added to Index:Templates. A notification will be posted to the discussion on the mailing list.

Template (eg. Command or User) contents come out as {{{1}}}

The value you have entered inside the template contains code that the wiki thinks is markup. You can stop this from happening by surrounding it with <nowiki></nowiki> tags

For example, instead of:

 {{Command|export PS1="(chroot)$PS1"}}


 {{Command|<nowiki>export PS1="(chroot)$PS1"</nowiki>}}

A shorter alternative is to expressly indicate the first parameter

 {{Command|1=export PS1="(chroot)$PS1}"}}

See MediaWiki documentation.

I have another question or problem

Please contact one of the administrators through the online chat.

Who are Authors

When editing or writing an article there is an authors section to most articles. People who are authors are people who either originally edited an article, clarified part of an article or changed an article in a significant manner.

Other people who have edited an article and have either wikified an article, worked on grammar or spelling are not considered authors of an article. Although the people who do these functions are a great help to a wiki and all of their changes will remain in the "recent changes" log indefinitely they are not considered authors of the document.