Freescale TWR-MPC5125

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Build Linux for Freescale TWR-MPC5125

Freescale TWR-MPC5125

The Freescale TWR-MPC5125 consists of one MPU module and a peripheral module which can be plugged between two backplane boards. On the MPU module is the Freescale MPC5125 with a Power Architecture e300c4 core. Freescale provides a Linux demo and the source code for the Linux kernel and for U-boot.

Openembedded: Openembedded, a build framework for embedded Linux, is used to create the Linux kernel and different root file systems. E.g. the root file systems for OPIE, GPE and Xfce are created, which can start a GUI on the display. For cross-compilation the tool bitbake from Openembedded is used.

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