AverMedia AverTV Cardbus Plus E501R

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The AverMedia AVerTV Cardbus Plus supports analog TV and FM radio. It has following inputs:

  • 75 Ohm (UHF/VHF) TV Antenna Input
  • Composite Video
  • S-Video
  • Stereo Audio L/R
  • FM (RF Radio Antenna Input)


  • 2.6.31 or newer kernel

What works

  • Analog TV
  • S-Video input
  • Composite input
  • FM Radio
  • Remote control

Linux Kernel

The official support entered the Linux kernel in the version 2.6.31.

Kernel configuration

Enable the SAA7134 card including the DVB in the kernel.

Linux Kernel Configuration: Kernel config
Multimedia devices  --->
         *** Multimedia core support ***
     <*> Video For Linux

         *** Multimedia drivers ***
     [*] Load and attach frontend and tuner driver modules as needed
     [ ] Customize analog and hybrid tuner modules to build  --->
     [*] Video capture adapters  --->
     [ ] DVB/ATSC adapters  --->

Video capture adapters  --->
     [*] Autoselect pertinent encoders/decoders and other helper chips
     <M>   Philips SAA7134 support
     <M>     Philips SAA7134 DMA audio support

Finishing the job

After the job is done (kernel is built, Lilo/Grub is updated, system reboot is done), you should be able to fully enjoy your TV card, you should be able to see /dev/v4l/* structure or (depends on udev you use) /dev/video* (TV), /dev/vbi* (teletext) and /dev/radio* (radio).