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Under construction, mostly finished.


This guide assumes that you are using i) a Linux kernel >=2.6.36 and ii) the "amd64" platform. It also assumes that you will read the help text associated with each relevant kernel option.

Processor type and features

These options are not required for your system to work but are desirable. You are free to choose differently.

Linux Kernel Configuration: Processor type and features
Processor type and features  --->
    [*] hIgh Resolution Timer Support
    [*] Symmetric multi-processing support
    [*] mUlti-core scheduler support
    [*] mAchine Check / overheating reporting
    [*]   Intel MCE features
    <*> /Dev/cpu/microcode - microcode support
    [*]   Intel microcode patch loading support

Device drivers

Serial ATA and Parallel ATA drivers

It's crucial to get this part right. Getting it wrong usually results in failure to mount root filesystem.

Linux Kernel Configuration: Serial ATA and Parallel ATA drivers
Device Drivers  --->
  Serial ATA and Parallel ATA drivers  --->
      [*]   ATA SFF support
      [*]     ATA BMDMA support  
      <*>       Intel ESB, ICH, PIIX3, PIIX4 PATA/SATA support

Network device

Linux Kernel Configuration: Network device
Device drivers --->
    [*] nEtwork device support  --->
          [*]   Ethernet (1000 Mbit)  --->
                <*>   Realtek 8169 gigabit ethernet support


Linux Kernel Configuration: USB
Device Drivers  --->
  USB Support  --->
      <*> Support for host-side USB
      <*>   EHCI HCD (USB 2.0) support
      <*>   UHCI HCD (most Intel and VIA) support


Linux Kernel Configuration: Sound Card
Device drivers --->
    -*- I2C support  --->
          I2C Hardware Bus support  --->
                  *** PC SMBus host controller drivers ***
              <*> Intel 82801 (ICH/PCH)
                  *** ACPI drivers ***
              <*> SMBus Control Method Interface

Sound card

See Intel High Definition Audio.

Hardware monitoring

I personally don't bother with the Intel Core2 temperature sensor, so it's not listed here.

Linux Kernel Configuration: Hardware monitoring
Device drivers --->
    Hardware Monitoring Support --->
              *** ACPI drivers ***
        <*>   ASUS ATK0110